The Leader in AI Robotics

The team at I Brain Robotics, Inc. is passionate about artificial intelligence and utilizing technology and robotics to make the world a better place. We offer a range of technologies and robots that work with humans in the everyday world. Combining both technology and real life solutions, the team at I Brain Robotics, Inc. is improving everyday life for real life people. We offer companion robots, educational robots, and medical robots. Able to simply bring technology to the medical field allows us to help humankind every single day. Through advanced endoscopy, and targeted hair replacement, our medical robotics can accomplish tasks we only dreamed possible a few short years ago.


As a leading robot manufacturer, we set the precedent for what artificial intelligence is able to accomplish. Not only are we at the forefront of technology, but we are pioneering new intelligence and capabilities every day. We offer several robotic products that directly impact life for thousands of people. Our companion robots are able to make life at home easier. These robots can automate tasks at home, help educate and entertain children, and be an educational tool to rely on. Our medical robots are able to help patients and physicians alike, making difficult tasks easy with the assistance of programmed robots. Ranging from hair replacement systems, to 3d endoscopy, our robotic developments are changing the lives of people and patients around the world.


At I Brain Robotics, Inc., we are also the leading AI presenter in the field. Our robots are built with artificial intelligence that is the leader in the industry. We offer a holographic AI presenter that looks and behaves as if a real life person were delivering the presentation. Fully intelligent and programmable, the I-presenter is a way to turn heads and capture the attention of your audience. Perfect for trade shows promoting your business, the presenter is a smart, creative, and interactive feature that will be sure to get your company noticed. Your holographic presenter can be anything from a computer generated character, to a mascot, to a celebrity. The options are endless and truly customizable. Work with the experts at I Brain Robotics, Inc. to create just the right AI presenter to get your company the recognition it deserves.