Robot Companion

Buzz Makes the Best Child Robot Companion

Childhood has the tendency to become lonely. Many children end up developing invisible friends, simply to pass the time and find enjoyment from make believe company. Adding Buzz to your family can give you and your family a child robot companion. Standing at just 4.5 feet, Buzz is a child-like robot that is sure to educate and entertain every member of the family. Buzz was created and designed by the technology experts at I Brain Robotics, Inc. to behave and act as a child would. This child robot companion is able to learn intelligently and emotionally, so that over time, Buzz integrates seamlessly with your everyday life. In many families, Buzz quickly becomes the best friend for children.


This humanoid robot is able to aid in your child's development. Buzz is able to tell stories and entertain children. He has the ability to seamlessly pair with various media platforms, and can even project television shows and movies when asked. Further, this humanoid robot can also be used as a tutor in the home. Buzz is able to help teach math and science, and can help with grammar and reading comprehension. With a vast amount of knowledge, Buzz is able to answer several questions that both children and adults may have. Buzz will be your child's companion, working together through homework and school projects. The team at I Brain Robotics, Inc. understands that it can be difficult to keep your children entertained and enriched, so they have developed Buzz to help you.


A robot companion can be a nice addition to any home. This robot created by I Brain Robotics, Inc. is able to mesh perfectly with any family. The beauty of Buzz is that this robot actively learns while he is immersed in your household. Buzz has an emotional ability that will quickly pick up on your own family dynamics, likes, dislikes, and nuisances. A robot companion can be worth its weight in gold, able to help automate several tasks and duties around the home. Further, Buzz is a one-stop-shop for your home security, smart home, and media needs. This robot is able to pair with many major brands to seamlessly run your entire home from just one site. Buzz is a likable character with a big personality. He is charming, enjoyable, and capable of accomplishing just about anything in the home. Adding Buzz to your family will not only enrich your lives, but will effectively add a family member.