Virtual Holographic Presenter

i-Presenter is an Intelligently Responding, Interactive, Holographic Virtual Presenter.

i-Presenter | Virtual Holographic Intelligent Presenter


Intelligent Virtual Communication

Create an unforgettable experience for your customers with an immersive, engaging and intelligent holographic presenter, celebrity, mascot or even a product.

i-Presenter | Virtual Holographic Interactive Presenter

Advantages of i-Talk TM :

 Works 24/7

i-Presenter TM doesn't need a break. It's always attentive and friendly, never forgets things or ever gets distracted.

 Attracts Attention:

The intriguing "real-ness" of the imagery and the creative presentation of offerings, directions and guidance create an unforgettable experience for your audience.

 Gets Results:

I-Presenter TM is an absolute Traffic-stopper and is ideal for your business promotions at trade shows or events. It can offer any product information, call to action or even make a sale.


Get a Complete Handcrafted Solution

 From Concept to Installation
We develop unique multi-media content for your business with an original script and copyright, to model selection, video production, software development and a construction mock-up.

Virtual Receptionist
The i-Presenter TM Intelligent hologram Product Specialist delivers self-service applications, shows demo videos, texts customers information and coupons and collects vital analytics. Read More

Product Specialist
i-Presenter TM Virtual Receptionist greets your visitors, presents a searchable relevant directory and notifies the concerned person via mobile text or any other form of message. Read More


Virtual Concierge
The i-Presenter TM Intelligent Virtual Concierge hologram delivers self-service applications, provides way finding directions, checks visitors in and displays promotional or other relevant videos. Read More

Mini Shelf Promoter
The i-Presenter Mini is a small (almost any size) retail point-of-purchase attention-getter that offers any customized message, product information, call to action and it's lifelike imagery is absolute traffic-stopper. As a full size version it's absolutely customized and can be any presenter, a mascot or even a product. Motion-sensitive, they actually stop people in their tracks! Read More