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HARRTS  AI Camera -  Artificial Intelligence Camera for Hair Transplant Surgery

World's First and Only Artificial Intelligence Camera System with Up-to 50 X Zoom Real Time Live Feed, enhanced with Augmented Reality , and Compatible with any Hair Transplant Machine or any Automated Hair Transplant System.

HARRTS AI Camera for FUE Hair Transplant

The LATEST Revolutionary INNOVATION in Hair Transplant!


Out Grow the Conventional method of F U E Hair Transplant and UPGRADE to the i - Brain Robotics' AI Hair Transplant Camera System.

Compatible with Your Existing Hair Transplant Machine.

Salient Features of HARRTS  AI Camera

Up-to 50X Zoom/ Magnification 

HARRTS AI Computer Vision Camera

The  Up-to 50 X Live Feed AI Video Camera helps in: 

  • The Up-to 50 Times Zoom as compared to Naked Eye, improves the visualization of the donor area and grafts drastically.

  • The high zoom allows the surgeon to visualize the orientation/angulation of the Hair Follicle beneath the Skin, thereby, allowing the surgeon to orient the punch in the direction of the follicle beneath the skin, thereby, reducing the chances of Graft Transection while harvesting.

  • Improves the Graft Yield Number by reducing the Graft Damage.

  • Improves the yield and also reduces the graft damage in curly/wavy/thin/body hair follicle extraction.

The Artificial Intelligence Software

HARRTS AI Camera Analysis

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Software Helps in the following: 

  • Helps in knowing the exact available number of grafts in the selected donor area. 

  • Helps in knowing the Nature of the Grafts in relation to the number of hair in it , e.g. 1,2,3 or 4 hair follicular units., in real time.

  • Helps in knowing the exact location of these 1,2,3 or 4 hair follicular units in the selected donor area in real time. 

  • Helps in knowing the Nature of the Grafts in relation to the number of hair in it . e.g. 1, 2, 3, or 4 hair follicular units.

  • Helps in deferentially localizing and Harvesting different types of grafts.

See Through Augmented Reality Glasses

The Wifi Augmented Reality Glasses helps the surgeon in the following:

  • High Resolution 100" Virtual See Through Screen

  • Increases the ease of the procedure

  • Increases the Accuracy and Precision 

  • Reduces the Postural Fatigue

  • Reduces the Graft Damage Rate Significantly

  • Improves the Grafts Yield Significantly

HARRTS AI Camera for FUE Hair Transplant

Machine Talk Technology:

In addition, the HARRTS FUEsion AI Automated Hair Transplant System is equipped with Machine Talk Technology, which enables surgeons to operate the system by speaking commands into the system. With this excellent hands-free function, surgeons can maintain asepsis in the operating room while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of their operations. ​

Machine Talk Technology

Benefits to the Surgeon

The HARRTS AI Camera provides substantial Benefits to the Surgeon while performing a Hair Transplant Surgery as follows:

  • Provides a Heads-Up Display on a Large screen with Huge Magnification

  • Improves Grafts Visualization Many Folds

  • Nullifies the need to bend down on the patient's head for grafts visualization

  • Avoids Back and Neck Pain due to continuous bent down posture

  • Removes Postural Fatigue

  • Reduces Eye Strain

  • Improves Grafts Harvestation and Improves Results

HARRTS AI Camera for FUE Hair Transplant
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